Supply chain issues over the last year have created unique challenges for manufacturers worldwide. Shutdowns due to COVID and uncertainty regarding the long term effects of COVID forced many manufacturers to minimize or stop production for at least some period of time. This has contributed to a substantial backlog of raw materials limiting manufacturers production of new goods and forcing them to pay substantially more for raw materials. Manufacturers of plastic products have been hit especially hard due to the winter storm that hit the Gulf Coast in February 2021 which crippled numerous facilities that produce resins for plastics such as polypropylene and PVC. Many resin manufacturers filed force majeures and put customers on allocation. Limited availability, long lead times and higher raw material cost are the current reality for the plastics industry.

KemFlo fully understand the challenges facing the plastics industry today and is working closely with suppliers, customers and transportation companies in a coordinated effort to ensure that our customers receive the same service and high quality products that they deserve. Many plastic random packing requirements are time sensitive and if the end-user does not receive their plastic tower packing on time it can result in significant loss of production time and money. Kemflo is working hard on a daily basis to secure resins and other raw materials used in the production of our plastic random packing product line. Kemflo is also utilizing efficient manufacturing techniques which increase production and limit raw material waste. KemFlo’s plastic tower packing product line which includes the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring, Kemflake and Transferlox Plastic Saddles are produced in multiple sizes and in numerous resins so careful planning and coordination is required to ensure the availability of all plastic random products. In addition to utilizing efficient manufacturing processes and communicating with suppliers, KemFlo is also committed to increasing plastic tower packing inventory at both our Richmond Hill facility as well as our Houston, Texas facility. Both facilities will carry substantial inventory of all random packing styles including the Pall Ring, Tri-Pack, Transferlox Plastic Saddle and Kemflake.

Communication with distributors, OEMs and end-users is also very important in combating supply chain issues. Advanced planning and coordination can help avoid and reduce many supply chain issues. We ask that our customers communicate their plastic random packing requirements and forecast to us in advance so that our production team can plan ahead with our customer’s needs in mind. KemFlo will always work to ensure that our customers receive excellent service and the highest quality plastic tower packing on the market today. Together we can overcome the supply chain challenges that our industry faces in today’s market.

KemFlo’s plastic random tower packing includes the Tri-Pack, Kemflake, Pall Ring and the plastic Transferlox Saddle and are available in multiple sizes and a variety of resins. For more information on KemFlo’s Kempac plastic random packing product line please visit our website at or call us at 905-832-1217. We look forward to earning your business.