Kempac Random Packing Update October 2022

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic random packing Kem Group USA is continuously evaluating our supply chain management, manufacturing processes, customer service and research development efforts to ensure that we can meet or exceed our customer’s expectations and needs. The random packing industry has faced numerous challenges over the last few yours such as COVID which have created shortages in raw material availability and increased cost. Kem Group USA has worked closely with suppliers and customers to minimize any negative affect to our efforts to plastic random packing. In addition to our continuous efforts to control the cost of our finished products we offer an extremely diverse random packing product line which gives our customers a variety of options from both an application and design position. Our Tower packing product line includes the high performance Tri-Pack who’s design results in efficient mass transfer and lower operational cost. The Tri-Pack is manufactured in 1”, 2” and 3.5” sizes and is available in a variety of resins. Kem Group’s Kempac Pall Ring tower packing is a traditional ring style packing who’s design provides excellent surface area for gas and liquid contact. The Pall Ring also maintains even liquid distribution throughout the packed bed. The Kempac Pall Ring style packing is available in 1”, 2” and 3.5” sizes and in a variety of resins. We also offer the conventional Saddle packing style which promotes high mass transfer rates through effective liquid surface renewal. Kem Group’s newest random packing product is the KemFlake. The KemFlake is a high performance packing which give customers flexibility in system design at an economical level. In the future Kem Group intends to develop more cost effective and highly efficient plastic random packing styles giving our customers even more options. Our research and development division is constantly evaluating our random packing designs and developing new potential designs and styles to bring to market. In order to address some of the issues regarding resin availability we are evaluating new materials in which our tower packing may be manufactured in giving our customer more available options. In today’s market the availability of standard resins such as polypropylene, PVC, CPVC and PVDF can be unpredictable from both an availability and cost stand point. Having access and the ability to manufacture our random packing in additional resins will alloy us to continue to provide our customer with even more cost effective solutions. Kem Group is constantly evaluating our distribution centers in both Houston, Texas and Richmond Hill to ensure efficient and cost affective shipping options for our customers throughout the United States and beyond. Increased inventory space, facility upgrades and continuous personnel training are just a few of the ways Kem Group USA is improving our distribution process and capabilities. Maintaining our reputation for manufacturing the highest quality plastic random packing on the market is of up most importance to our company and one we thrive to maintain. For more information on plastic random packing products manufactured by Kem Group USA please visit our website at or feel free to call us.

Selecting Random Packing

If random packing is required for your application, Kem Group USA can help you determine the most efficient and economical plastic random packing. As a leading manufacturer of plastic random packing Kem Group USA offers random packing in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials. Kem Group offers the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring, Saddles and KemFlake random packing in a multiple sizes and resins.

The following should be considered what selecting the plastic random packing best suited for your application:

Uniform Distribution
Random Packing should facilitate even distribution of liquid and or gases through out the packed bed and be free of void spaces and channels. Some random packing products such as the Tri-Pack are specifically designed to avoid settling and nesting so that uniformed distribution through a packed bed can be achieved.

The Surface Area of the Random Packing
Too much surface area can impede proper gas and liquid contact and results in higher pressure drop resulting in increases in operating cost. Products such as the Tri-Pack offer the ideal surface area to open area ratio which results in excellent mass transfer efficiency.

Material Selection
Kem Group USA Plastic random Packing is available in a variety of resins such as polypropylene, glass-filled polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVFF, Trfzel, Teflon, Halar and more. The material selection of a plastic random packing is determined by a handful of factors including temperature, chemical composition and cost. The initial cost of a high performance resin may be significantly more than a general purpose polypropylene but will be more temperature resistant and will have longer product life.

The Packing Wetting Rate
The lower the wetting rate, the lesser the stability level of the packing. Dewetting happens when the falling liquid interrupts the liquid on the surface. As a result, when the packing surface dewets, the efficiency is reduced.

The Strength of the Random Packing and Minimized Friction
Mechanical damages form an essential part of the industrial part. Accordingly, the random packing you choose must provide resistance to mechanical damages caused on account of weight. Besides, minimized friction, with the help of an open shape with aerodynamic features, increases capacity. So, ensure that you check the friction levels before choosing a random packing.

Void created by random packing
Higher the void of the random packing, lower the resistance to vapor up flow, lower the pressure drop, and the higher the capacity. A higher capacity is the result of the particle size of the packing. The packing’s suitable size must strike a balance between capacity and packing efficiency.

Selecting the most efficient plastic random packing based on your specific application and process data can be a significant savings in both money and time. Strong consideration should be given to the above points as you evaluate different plastic random packing products. Kem Group gives you multiple options such as the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring and Saddle all available in three different sizes and multiple resins. For more information on plastic random packing products manufactured by Kem Group USA please visit our website at