Scrubber Internals

Scrubber internals refers to a group of devices specifically designed to remove particulates and or gasses from industrial exhaust streams. Scrubber internals work together in achieving maximum removal efficiency of pollutants. Each scrubber internal has a specific function in the scrubbing process. The design of scrubber internals can range from very basic to extremely complex depending on the customer’s requirement and the exact application. Various materials can be used in the construction of internals including a vast variety of plastics and metals. Temperatures, contaminates and cost will typically determine the material of construction. For example, KemFlo can manufacture their plastic random packing product the Tri-Pack in a variety of resins including Polypropylene, CPVC, Kynar, Tefzel, Teflon and more.

Scrubber internals include the following devices or items:

Mist Eliminators are basically metal or plastic wire mesh held together with a grid on either side of the mesh and is used to collect and separate liquid from gases.

Liquid Feed Pipes are used to introduce a liquid into the unit and is typically positioned above a liquid distributor.

The liquid distributor collects liquid from the feed pipe and is specifically designed to evenly distribute the liquid evenly over a packed bed.

The Packed Bed may include a variety of random packing types and or materials such as KemFlo’s Tri-Pack, Pall Ring or Plastic Saddle style. KemFlo manufactures a Tri-Pack and Pall Ring in 1”. 2” amd 3.5” sizes and both styles are available in a variety of resins. The random packing sits on a packing support which purpose is to support the random packing and prevent individual packing pieces from falling into lower levels of the scrubber.

The packing support must be designed in such a way that its openings are small enough to prevent the random packing from falling through but with enough open area as to not prohibit liquid and gas flow
through the system. It must also be designed to hold the weight of the bed of random packing.

In many cases a bed limiter is positioned directly on top of the packed bed and prevents the random packing from being blown into the upper levels of the unit. Like the packing support the bed limiter must be designed so that the random packing can not escape through its openings but also must not hinder liquid and gas flow.

Vapor distributors are typically located near the bottom of the scrubber unit. The purpose of the vapor distributor is to evenly introduce the gas into the lower portion of the scrubber. A vapor distributor is basically a flanged pipe with a series of holes. The spacing and size of the holes in a vapor distributor are specifically designed based on the gas, flow rate and size of the scrubber.

All of the above scrubber internals are available in a variety of materials such as thermoplastics, metals and ceramics. Determining the best material of construction for internals depends on the application, temperature, pressure and contaminate. It is very important to have an engineer evaluate your specific application to determine the best column internals for your application.

For help regarding plastic random packing please contact Kemflo for more information on our Tri-Pack, Pall Ring or plastic Saddles plastic random packing. Information on KemFlo’s Tri-Pack, Pall Ring and Saddle can be found at

Private Label and Packaging

Kemflo has been manufacturing high quality plastic injection molded parts and products since 1988. In addition to manufacturing KemFlo offers product design and engineering, prototyping, mold making and design, post molding capabilities and quality assurance program that id second to none. Expanding our capabilities and services to meet our customer’s needs has always been an important focus for KemFlo. Our primary goal at KemFlo is to provide cost effective product solutions with the highest level of quality for our customers. In order to achieve this we are constantly evaluating our customer’s needs to ensure that we have the capabilities and services to meet and exceed those needs.

KemFlo has a vast amount of experience in manufacturing numerous products and parts for multiple industries including Industrial, oil and gas, chemical, medical, agricultural, energy, construction, environmental and more.

Over the years Kemflo has added a number of value added services to meet our customer’s needs and requirements. KemFlo has added services such as hot stamping, assembly capabilities, special packaging and private labeling. Our customers want to receive their parts or products in the most efficient and cost effective way and KemFlo works closely with our customers to achieve this. We also have customers who buy and resale products that we manufacture and wish to have their information and logo on the product and or packaging for a variety of reasons. We can assist our customers with developing a product label that is specific to their company or our customer may provide us with their own label and or logo. This is a common practice regarding our plastic random packing product line where a customer may purchase the Tripack, Pall Ring or Plastic Saddle but want their own label attached to the boxes. A customer may also want the label to specify the job or project in which the product will be used. KemFlo’s Tripack, Pall Ring and Plastic Saddle style random packing can also be packaged in a variety of box sizes, poly bags and pallets in order to meet our customer’s needs. KemFlo also commonly private labels their thermoplastic pipe fittings, tank lids and tank accessories and medical products.

There are many advantages to private labeling products. Private labeling products gives the customer better control over the product from start to finish. Better control from ordering to shipping to re-ordering. It also reinforces their brand and company name at the end user level. Many distributors, OEMs and fabricators want to protect their customer base and brand name. They also want their products to be easily identified in the field and on project work sites. Private labeling is a good option to accomplish this and it is a true value added service that benefits and protects our customers. Please feel free to contact
KemFlo to discuss private labeling and special packaging or and other special requirement that you may have.

We are always happy to help our customers any way we can. For more information on KemFlo’s plastic random packing products such as the Tripack, Pall Ring and Plastic Saddle style packing or any other product that KemFlo manufactures please visit our website at or give us a call.