KemFlo, best known for manufacturing plastic random packing, is pleased to announce that they are opening a new facility in Houston this Fall. This addition will not only increase our capabilities in servicing the United States of America, it will also allow us to better service our international customers as well. Increased demand for KemFlo’s plastic random packing products such as the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring and Plastic Saddles has facilitated the opening of the new facility in Houston, Texas. The new facility will help ensure that our customers continue to receive high quality products in a timely manner.

Houston, Texas was selected for the new location based on its proximity to major chemical plants along the Gulf Coast and its many logistical advantages to servicing the Southern United States of America. The new facility will be located just West of town in the Katy area and will act as both a distribution center and manufacturing facility with complete injection molding capabilities. In addition to manufacturing plastic tower packing we will also produce other products such as tank lids, bulkhead fittings and vents. KemFlo also plans to offer custom injection molding at the new Houston facility.

Since 1988 KemFlo has developed a reputation for quality and service. The same quality assurance and controls that kemFlo customers have become a custom to, will be implemented at the new facility. While traditional products such as KemFlo’s plastic random packing line will be the backbone of the Houston plant, KemFlo will work to develop new business through their custom products division. Product design and engineering will be a key focus of our Houston facility. We will be expanding our design and engineering services by utilizing the latest technology and adding to our talented engineering staff. KemFlo has extensive experience in prototyping and mold design experience which will help expand our custom products group. We also have extensive experience in working with a wide range of thermoplastics such as Polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, HDPE, ABS, Kynar, PFA, Tefzel and more. All raw material used in our manufacturing process is traceable to its source which is vital to quality control. Post molding capabilities will also be available at our new facility including ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, heat insertion and machining.

Quality assurance will continue to be a major focus at all Kemflo facilities. Quality assurance starts when a product is first introduced then goes through a detailed review process whereby the product application is evaluated for fit and function, engineering requirements and product validation. This philosophy will be brought to Houston. KemFlo is committed to meeting the quality objectives and standards expected by our customers. Products are produced under the guidelines and certification requirements set out by industry standards. We will continue and expand on our goal of providing cost effective product solutions with the highest level of quality for our customers.

For more information on products manufactured by KemFlo such as the Tri-Pack and Pall Rind plastic random packing please visit our web site at