About Us

KemFlo is a leader in the injection molding industry offering complete design and engineering services for injection molded products. We offer a complete line of plastic random packing products through our Kempac product line. KemFlo is dedicated to providing the highest quality plastic random packing in the industry backed by superior customer service. Unlike most packing suppliers KemFlo actually manufactures the random packing in our own facility. Kemflo’s ability to manufacture plastic random packing out of a variety of resins including high-end exotic resins at very competitive prices sets us apart from the competition. We have Kempac distribution centers in the US and Canada, allowing us to efficiently service all of North America.

Mission Statement

Kemflo’s primary goal is to provide cost effective solutions with the highest level of quality for our customers. We will accomplish this goal by using innovative methods supported by a long history of experience and by utilizing current technological advancements and sound engineering solutions. Our employees are devoted to pursuing the challenges presented as a means to accomplish the end goal. We understand our customers’ demands and are committed to their complete satisfaction through open communication.