KEM-GROUP USA Plastic Random Packing Outlook

Increases in production and the demands for more environmentally friendly processes has highlighted the importance of mass transfer equipment and products such as plastic random packing. While all components and internals of an air scrubber or air stripper are important, the plastic random packing plays an extremely critical roll in the overall efficiency of a system. We have seen a significant increase in the attention given to the specific design of a particular tower packing style and more focus on its size, surface area and configuration as it relates to performance. More attention has also been given to the plastic random packing’s material of construction. Customers are increasingly performing product life span analysis and long term operating cost evaluations in an effort to get the most out of their system’s performance. This is why Kem-Group USA offers a diverse line of plastic random packing products in a variety of configurations and materials. Tower packing styles include the traditional Saddle style packing.

The versatile Pall Ring, the KemFlake and the high performance Tri-Pack style random packing. While all Kempac styles offer excellent performance and are of the highest quality, the Tripack continues to be the industry’s leading choice. The Tri-Pack offers a unique design of specially positioned ribs, struts and drip rods which provide the ideal balance of surface area and open space. It spherical shape allows each individual element to roll into the proper position eliminating void areas with in the packed bed. The Tri-Pack is also available in numerous resins to meet the most demanding applications. Whether you are designing a new system or upgrading an existing unit Kem-Group has a plastic tower packing to meet your requirements.

The tightening of environmental regulations and the push to reduce or eliminate emissions will increase the demand for tower packing for many years to come. Our long term strategy at Kem-Group is to focus on manufacturing a diverse and complete line of plastic random packing and at the same time expand our research and development of tower packing to ensure that we continue to offer the most cost effective and efficient plastic random packing on the market.

We have given special attention to expanding the materials in which our tower packings may be manufactured in. While our current available materials such as Polypropylene, Polyethylene, CPVC, PVDF, Tefzel, Teflon and Halar cover a very wide range of applications and operational conditions, we continue to test alternative materials which may expand the capabilities of our plastic random packings. Expanding the available materials of construction will also help reduce the strain of an ever changing supply chain. New applications and an expanding market will create challenges but also provide more opportunities for our mass transfer products.

Continually investing in research and development will keep Kem-Group and Kempac products on the forefront of the plastic random packing industry. For more information on products manufactured by Kem-Group please visit our website at or give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your application for plastic random packing.