Kemflo has been a leader in the injection molding industry since 1988, manufacturing a broad range of products for numerous industries including industrial, energy, chemical, medical, construction, agricultural and environmental. Kemflo’s manufacturing capabilities are demonstrated by the diversity of the products that they manufacture which include but are not limited to pipe fittings, plastic scrubber packing, chevron mist eliminators, electrical components, pool / spa fittings, tank manway covers, specialty tank accessories, medical equipment connections and many more products. Kemflo separates itself from other plastic injection molding companies by offering their customer a host of inhouse services including product design, prototyping, mold making , post mold capabilities, assembly capabilities and a complete quality assurance program. Whether a customer needs assistance in manufacturing an existing product or a customer product Kemflo can has the experience and capabilities to get the job gone.

While Kemflo takes immense pride in all of the products that we manufacture, we are especially proud of our Kempac plastic random packing product line which we have significantly grown. The Kempac plastic random packing product lines includes three different styles of plastic tower packing including the Tri-Pack, Saddle and Plastic Pall Ring Packing. Within the plastic tower packing product group the Tri-Pack stands out. The Tripack is a high performance plastic tower packing and is one of the most efficient plastic tower packing products on the market today. Tripacks is a round tower packing made up of a distinctive network of ribs, struts and drip rods. Tripacks are different from other plastic random column packing due to its round shape. The round shape allows for each part to roll into the packed bed position without forming gaps or open areas which are common to irregular shaped packing or those with multiple pins and appendages. Tripacks eliminate the need to calculate quantities based on settling and nesting is basically impossible due to its round shape. The Tri-Pack offers dependable and predictable load performance of your tower which means reliable and consistent performance. In addition to the Tripacks superior geometric shape, a significant service area is extremely important to mass transfer. The network of ribs, structs and drip rods give the Tri-Pack a significant advantage in providing superior wetting qualities and providing consistent liquid distribution through out the packed bed. The Tri-Pack provides the ideal combination of surface area to open space which results in maximum mass transfer efficiency thus reducing operating cost. Too much surface area can prohibit proper gas and liquid contact and result in higher pressure drop.

Kemflo manufactures the Tripack in three different sizes 1”, 2” and 3.5”. In addition to the Tripack we also manufacture a Plastic Pall Ring and Saddle style plastic random packing. Another important aspect that separates Kemflo from other manufactures of plastic column packing is our ability to manufacture utilizing numerous resins including exotic and high-performance resins. KemFlo’s Tripack, Plastic Pall Ring and Saddles style plastic column packing is available in Polypropylene, Polypropylene with glass, Polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, Kynar, Tefzel, Teflon and Halar. Other resins are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding available resins.

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Plastic Random Packing such as the Tripacks and Plastic Pall Ring manufactured by Kemflo are used in numerous applications such air scrubbing, air stripping, distillation and biological filtration to name a few. One of the most common application for plastic random packing is for use in cooling towers. A cooling tower is basically a specifically designed heat exchanger which function is to cool water from an industrial process or from an air conditioning condenser. Water that has been heated by an air conditioning condenser or industrial process is pumped into the cooling tower through a series of pipes. The heated water is introduced into the cooling tower through a network of spray nozzles located near the top of the system. The spray nozzles evenly distribute the heated water over a bed of fill or media. The bed of fill is typically plastic random media supported by a grate. The size of the packed bed depends on the volume of water and air. It is very important to ensure that the spray nozzles evenly distributes the water over the top of the plastic random packing to ensure maximum efficiency of the cooling tower system. The water flows through the bed of plastic random media. As the water is introduced through the plastic random packing the water is slowed and spreads throughout the packed bed which exposes the water to a much surface area as possible. This results in maximum air and water contact. When the air and water meet, a small amount of the water is evaporated which creates a cooling action. The cooled water is then pumped back to the condenser or industrial process equipment where it absorbs heat. The water is then recirculated back to the cooling tower to be cooled once again.

In a cooling tower the plastic random packing bed may be referred to as the heat transfer pack or the fill pack. The purpose of the plastic packing media is to provide sufficient surface area in which water and air flow can come in to contact and mix resulting in evaporative cooling. The Tripacks style of plastic random packing is commonly used in cooling tower application due to its geometric shape which prohibits voids within the packed bed. The Tri-Packs also provide significant service area. The Tri-Packs consist of ribs, struts and drop rods which give the packing excellent wetting qualities. It also helps to maintain even distribution of water and air throughout the packed bed resulting in efficient evaporation and cooling. The material of construction for the plastic packing media is typically polypropylene or PVC Polyvinylchloride.

Regular maintenance of the packed bed is important to ensure that the cooling tower is functioning properly. Dirty water and debris can cause fouling within the plastic random media and become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The plastic random packing may be removed periodically for inspection. Any fouled packing can be either cleaned or replaced. Please refer to the Kempac website for plastic packing media cleaning tips and instructions.

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