Since 1988 KemFlo has been manufacturing high quality injection molded parts and products for a variety of applications and industries. KemFlo has designed and manufactured parts for numerous industries including chemical, industrial, energy, medical, environmental, agricultural and more. KemFlo has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacturing of injection molded parts. From the simplest to the most complex plastic injection molded parts Kemflo has the experience and expertise to assist from the conceptual stages to the finished product. Our goal is to provide cost effective solutions with the highest level of quality for our customers. To ensure this KemFlo makes significant investments in state of the art machinery, tooling, research and development, quality control, training and customer service.

Kemflo manufactures a high performance plastic random packing product line under the brand name Kempac. The Kempac plastic random packing line includes three styles of packing, the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring and Saddle style plastic random packing. In order to improve our service to our customers across the United States and abroad, we are seeking partnerships with manufactures representative, distributors and OEMs / Original Equipment Manufacturers. We are specifically looking for partnerships regarding our plastic random packing product line but would consider for other product lines and custom products as well. Regarding our plastic tower packing product line, we are seeking partnerships with individuals or companies who have experience in selling mass transfer process equipment to a variety of industries. More specifically those individuals and companies who have experience in selling the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring and Saddle style plastic tower packing.

KemFlo manufactures three different styles of high performance plastic tower packings each in three different sizes. Each style of packing is available in a variety of resins including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Halar, PFA and more. The Tripack, Pall Ring and Saddle Style tower packing are available in 1”, 2” and 3.5” in order to meet the customer’s specific requirement. Please note that other resin types are available upon request.

The Tri-Pack is a hollow spherical column packing constructed of a network of ribs, struts and drip rods. The spherical shape of the Tri-pack makes this product unique compared to other styles of plastic tower packings. The Tri-Pack offers reliable and predictable performance and one of the most efficient packing media types available anywhere.

KemFlo’s Pall Ring tower packing is a robust ring featuring an open area wall construction which maintains even liquid distribution. The Pall Ring has reinforced structs provide additional surface area for gas and liquid contact which provides a higher level of efficiency.

The Saddle style plastic random packing features serrated edges which promote high mass transfer rates through effective liquid surface renewal. The serrated edges of Kemflo’s saddle style packing also reduce bed settling during operation and help to maintain packing free space and create lower pressure drop.

Kemflo also offers special packaging and labeling, product literature, product samples, and product support. Special discounts and protected territories and or accounts may also be available to select partners. For more information on KemFlo’s plastic tower packing product line please visit our website at or call Jason at 281-787-4061.