Kemflo is one of the leading injection molding companies in North America and offers a complete range of services which support their extensive manufacturing capabilities.  KemFlo offers product design, prototyping, mold design, mold making, post molding capabilities, automated assembly and complete injection molding capabilities. KemFlo manufactures a variety of products that are used in numerous industries including industrial, chemical, agricultural, medical, construction and more.  One of Kemflo’s most successful product lines is their plastic random packing product line which is manufactured under the brand name Kempac. KemFlo manufactures multiple styles of plastic random packing including a spherical or Tri-Pack style, Pall Ring style and a saddle style tower packing. As with all products manufactured by KemFlo their Kempac product line is subjected to an extremely demanding quality assurance program. This ensures that our customers receive a high quality product that will perform in the most demanding environments.  

While there are numerous styles of plastic random packing on the market today, saddle style tower packing has been in use for many years.  Saddle style packing was one of the first styles of plastic random packing on the market. There are various takes on the saddle style packing and its overall design.  All types of Saddle packing performs differently so engineering calculations should be done based on the specific Saddle packing specification. Saddle packing is manufactured in a variety of materials such as plastics, ceramics and metals.  KemFlo manufactures their saddle packing in a variety of high performance plastics including Polypropylene, glass filled Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene, Low Density Polyethylene, PVC, CPVC and PVDF. Please note that more resins are available upon request.  Also, KemFlo’s standard Polypropylene resin is certified by NFS to standard 61 for water treatment applications.  

Typical Saddle Style random packing is not considered a high performance packing due to its lack of surface area and overall design.  The high capacity Kempac plastic saddle offers distinct advantages over the conventional saddle design. The serrated edges of the Kempac Saddle style plastic random packing promote high mass transfer rates through effective liquid surface renewal.  The serrated edges of the Kempac saddle packing reduces bed settling during operation and assist to maintain packing free space and create lower column pressure drop. The Kempac Saddle Style packing is available in 1”, 2” and 3” sizes. They are available in five cubic foot or ten cubic foot cardboard boxes as well as forty cubic foot super sacks.  The proper installation is by dry dumping with reasonable care. The Kempac Saddle style plastic tower packing is utilized in a variety of applications including scrubbing, stripping, absorption, distillation, extraction, humidification, biological filtration and more.  

In addition to the saddle style packing KemFlo also manufactures a Tri-Pack style and a Pall Ring style plastic random packing. Each style of packing is available in a variety of sizes and they too are available in numerous high performance resins. Both the Tri-Pack and Pall Ring packing styles are available in 1” 2” and 3.5” sizes. A complete list of available resins can be found on our website. Please visit our website at for more information on Kempac plastic random packing or give us a call.