Kempac plastic random packing has been utilized in numerous applications in order to improve system performance and decrease operational cost. The Kempac plastic random packing product line includes a number of packing media styles, sizes and configurations giving customers many solutions to meet their specific application. The Kempac product line which includes the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring, Saddle and KemFlake gives customer a variety of sizes, surface areas and other physical properties to choose from. The following are a few sample projects in which Kempac plastic tower packing was utilized.

Chemical Plant in Southern Louisiana was experiencing a lack of efficiency in several HCL scrubbers. During routine maintenance it was discovered that the inefficiencies were likely due to numerous void areas within the packed bed of the scrubber. They wanted to consider a packing style that was less prone to nesting and which would eliminate the possibilities of void area with in the packed media bed. This particular customer selected the Tri-Pack plastic random packing style due to its spherical geometric shape which allows each individual Tri-Pack to roll into the packed position with out forming void areas which are common to irregular shaped random packing styles. The change in packing styles resulted in an increase in scrubber operational efficiency.

A fishery in Washington state was utilizing a biological filtration system which cultivates the growth of bacteria that breaks down fish waste making the water safe for fish. Excessive bacterial or too little can negatively affect a system’s oxygen levels resulting in increased chances of disease and lower production. The maintenance operators of the facility discovered that the gravel filtration system that they were using was too dense and did not provide adequate open area within the gravel bed. After careful consideration the customer chose the Kempac Pall Ring which provided the ideal combination of surface area and open area. They also required that the plastic packing media not float so the packing was manufactured with a special polypropylene which had a specific gravity that was greater that one. The end result was that the Pall Ring style random packing helped to regulate proper bacterial growth and is now utilized in all biological filtration systems at this facility.

A company in South Texas who designs and manufactures skid mounted scrubbers was looking for an alternative to the metal packing that they were using. They specialized in customizing the skid mounted scrubbers to their customer’s specific applications many of which involved VOC scrubbing, nitrogen oxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia removal. They switched to the Tri-Pack plastic random scrubber packing due to the fact that it offered a tremendous amount of flexibility in design, was lighter in weigh, easier to install and was more cost effective compared to the metal packing that they were utilizing. A significant savings was realized by this customer without sacrificing design efficiencies.

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