KemFlo has been manufacturing injection molded products since 1988 and has developed a reputation for producing some of the highest quality parts in the industry. KemFlo manufactures everything from the simplest plastic injected molded part to some of the most complex plastic products in a wide range of thermoplastic resins in both commodity and specialty resins. KemFlo provides products and services into many different markets and has
accumulated a wealth of experience in materials, design and processes. Some of the markets that kemFlo manufactures products and parts for include industrial, chemical, energy, agricultural, medical, environmental and more.

The key to KemFlo’s success is our focus on seven key functions including product design, prototyping, mold making, production, post molding capabilities assembly capabilities and quality assurance. All functions are important in manufacturing quality products such as KemFlo’s Kempac plastic random packing product line which includes three different styles including the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring and Saddle style packing. Each style of plastic random packing is manufactured in three different sizes.

The overall injection molding process involves three phases product design, mold design and manufacturing. Product design is a very important part of the production process. This is the stage in which costly mistakes are avoided and smart design can produce efficient and cost effective parts. During this stage our engineering staff works with the latest in computer aided design software as well as the most advanced 3D software. This allows KemFlo to provide customers with the bast engineering solution for their requirement. Mold design is extremely
critical to the overall process. The mold or die must be designed specifically for injection mold manufacturing. Molds are commonly made from hardened steel, Aluminum, Copper alloy or other high-end metals. The number of parts required per cycle and the material the part will be made from will determine the mold’s material of construction. After a product or part has been properly designed and the mold is completed, production can begin. Thermoplastic resin in pellet from is fed through a hopper into a heating barrel. The resin is heated to the proper melting temperature and then pressure us used to force the melted resin into the mold. Once the mold is filled it is then cooled before being ejected from the mold resulting is a finished part or product.

An excellent example of this process is KemFlo’s Kempac plastic random packing product line which involves multiple product configurations, sizes and resins. KemFlo manufactures the spherical style or Tri-Pack in three different sizes including 1”, 2” and 3.5”. KemFlo also offers the Tri-Pack in a variety of resins including Polypropylene, Polypropylene with glass, PVC, CPVC, Kynar, Tefzel and many more. The Tri-Pack is constructed of a complex network of ribs, structs and drip rods. It is very important that the Tripack be free from flashing to ensure proper functioning in very critical applications. To ensure there is no flashing the mold must be properly designed and maintained. The same goes for the Pall Ring style tower packing and the Saddle style tower packing which are both manufactured various sizes and resins.

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