Kemflo is well known for their plastic random packing product line which includes three styles including the Tripacks, Pall Ring and saddle plastic random packing.  Now Kemflo offers a variety of column internals to compliment their plastic tower packing products through a third-party partner in the United States. Kemflo is continuously seeking ways to support our customers and provide high quality products that not only meet but exceed our customer’s expectations.  

Kemflo manufactures three different styles of plastic random media including the Tripacks, Pall Ring and Saddles plastic random packing style.  The Tri-packs is a hollow spherical column packing that is designed with a network of ribs, struts and drop rods.  Unlike irregular shaped plastic random media the Tri-Packs is specifically designed to roll into the packed bed without creating any void areas within the packed bed unlike other plastic random media styles.  The unique design of Tri-Packs offers predictable and reliable performance.  The geometric shape of Tri-Packs provides an excellent active surface area which is critical to mass transfer.  The Tri-Packs plastic random packing is available in 1”, 2” and 3” Sizes.  Kemflo manufactures the Tri-Packs in a variety of resins.  The Pall Ring is another popular plastic random media and offer many advantages over other products.  The Pall Ring has an open wall construction which maintains even liquid distribution.  The Pall Ring plastic random media is available in 1”, 2” and 3.5” sizes and can be made in a variety of resins.  KemFlo also manufactured a Saddle Style plastic random media which consist of serrated edges that promote high mass transfer rates through effective liquid surface renewal.  The Saddle style plastic random packing is available in 1” 2” and 3”. The Saddles style plastic tower packing comes in a variety of resins. 

Other Column internals offered by Kemflo include Mist Eliminators which are available is a variety of styles including wire-mesh and chevron.  The Mist Eliminator is used to remove liquid droplets from a gas stream which contain contaminates or particulate matter.  Mist Eliminators are available in a variety of materials and are custom built to meet the customer’s specific application.  We also offer Liquid Distributors in a variety of materials.  A Liquid Distributor ensures that the liquid is evenly distributed above the plastic random packing bed and is critical to efficiency of the overall system. Another critical component in a column is the Bed Limiter which is located directly above the plastic packing media bed.  The purpose of the Bed Limited is to keep the plastic random packing in place and prevent the upward gas flow from blowing the plastic random packing into the upper areas of the column.  Lastly, Kemflo offers a Packing Support in which the plastic packing media is supported on.  Similar to the Bed Limiter, the Packing Support is a grate with openings small enough as to the plastic random packing from falling through and supports the entire packing bed.