While Kemflo may be best known for their Kempac plastic random packing product line, we are also known for our tank accessory product line also referred to as AIK. In addition to our plastic random packing product line which includes the Tripack, Pall Ring and Plastic Saddle style, we manufacture a variety of tank accessory products under the AIK product name. The AIK product line includes the following products: 

Man-Way Covers: Our new and improved Man-Way Covers and Rims are constructed from High Density Polyethylene which provide excellent impact properties especially in cold weather. The newly designed center air breather provides optimum venting performance and extremely easy to install and remove air breather which is designed with a tether connection that fastens into the rim helping to reduce misplacement. The Man-Way Lids are offered in closed and vented versions depending on the customer’s specifications. We also offer a variety of lid vents.  Private labeling is available on request as well as custom colors and application specific resins to meet our customer’s needs. Man-Way Lids are available in 8” to 22” sizes. 

Screw Caps: Our Screw Caps are constructed of Black High Density Polyethylene and are available in 6”, 7” and 12” sizes. When used with a gasket these screw caps are designed for use in liquid-tight applications. The 6” and 7” caps are also available with a 2” NPT insert as a standard. Although not offered as a standard, private labeling, various color options, specialty resins and different inserts are available upon request. Ask our sales representatives about the options available. 

Vent-O-Caps: KemFlo manufactures the Vent-O-Cap which combines the functions of a screw cap, a pressure relief vent and a vacuum relief vent. Constructed of Black High Density Polyethylene and is available in 6”, 7” and 12” sizes. This product is available with EPDM or Viton vent seals and Hastelloy-C or 316 stainless steel springs. When used with a gasket the Vent-O-Cap is designed for use in liquid tight applications. 

Maximus Caps: The Maximus is a well-engineered vent which provides a cost-effective venting solution for your tank and intermediate bulk container. This product Is molded from a engineered Co-Polypropylene resin which gives the vent excellent chemical and impact resistance. The vent is available with EPDM in Viton gasket materials. The springs are available in 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy-C. The Maximus is available in various configurations to offer different pressure and vacuum relief options for custom venting requirements. They are color coded for easy identification of the gasket and springs used. 

Bulkhead Fittings: Our new and improved Bulkhead Fitting line provides our customers with a sense of security of installing a robust fitting which will stand up to almost any extreme application. The design features of these fittings include the following.  Extended body height to compensate for thick tank wall applications. Heavy duty cross-sectional wall thickness to with stand high torque tightening avoiding thread stripping and damage. Double tapped NPT threads with left hand self tightening nut. Made from high quality resins.  Specialty resins may be available upon request. Standard gasket materials are EPDM and Viton.  

The Kemflo product line continues to expand providing customers with numerous quality product options. Like Kemflo’s plastic random packing product line, their AIK tank accessory product line continues to expand.  While Kemflo’s current plastic random packing product line includes the Tripack, Pall Ring and Plastic Saddles styles of packing, we are looking to expand all product offerings as well.