Tower internals are designed to work together in order to reach specific efficiency goals. The design of various tower internals depends on numerous factors such as gas flow rates, liquid flow rates, operating temperatures, contaminates and more. All column internals must be designed to work together in order to ensure the intended performance of the system.

A properly designed system will not only perform as intended, it will also minimize operating cost and required maintenance. While all internals are important in reaching optimum performance, none are more important than tower packing.

Plastic tower packing has evolved from basic designs to complex configurations and high-performance packing. The goal of plastic tower packing has always been to increase a system’s efficiency and cost savings. The most successful plastic tower packing in accomplishing these goals is the Tri-Packs product. The Tri-Pack’s unique design addresses every aspect of a high-performance tower packing. From its spherical shape to its internal design Tri-Packs are ideally suited to optimize efficiency in any application including scrubbing, air stripping, distillation, extraction, biological filtration and more.

Tri-Packs are a spherical tower packing with a carefully designed network of ribs, structs and drip rods which result in the ideal balance between surface area and open area. The spherical shape of Tri-Packs allows each individual piece to roll into the packed bed position without forming void areas within a packed section unlike irregular shaped random packing or random packing with excessive appurtenances. Tri-Packs eliminate the need to consider allowances for settling and due to its spherical shape nesting is virtually impossible. The round shape design offers reliable and predictable loading of your tower saving time and money.

Tripacks are designed to maximize the performance of your system while minimizing the operating cost. In addition to its superior geometric shape, the Tri-Pack offers an active surface area which is critical to efficient mass transfer. The specially designed network of ribs, struts and drip rods has proven to give the Tri-Packs an advantage over other plastic random packing styles in providing excellent wetting qualities and maintaining liquid distribution through the packed bed. Some plastic tower packing styles have more surface area, but more surface area alone is not an indication of performance. Excessive surface area can impede proper gas and liquid contact and will result in higher pressure drop which increases the horsepower requirements and operating cost. Tri-Packs were specifically designed to optimize the surface area to open area ratio which yields excellent mass transfer efficiency and lower operating cost. Superior design means superior performance.

Tri-Packs are available in 1”, 2” and 3.5” sizes and are available in a variety of resins including Polypropylene, Polypropylene with glass, PVC, CPVC, Kynar (PVDF), Tefzel, Teflon, Halar and more.

KemFlo also manufactures a Pall Ring and Saddle style plastic tower packing as well. Each style of plastic random packing that that KemFlo offers has its own benefits and advantages. The Pall Ring is a durable and reliable packing that offers excellent liquid distribution and gas liquid contact. The Kempac Saddle style plastic tower packing features serrated edges which promote high mass transfer rates.