Kempac’s Pall Ring tower packing is a very versatile plastic random packing that had proven to be an excellent option for many applications.  While Pall Ring tower packing has been in use for many years, Kemflo has made adjustments to their version of the Pall Ring over the years, making it more efficient and more durable.  KemFlo achieved this by improving its surface area to void space ratio and by increasing the wall thickness. KemFlo’s Pall Ring is designed specifically to maintain even liquid water distribution.  The interior struts provide significant surface area for gas and liquid contact which is essential for mass transfer.  The robust struts also provide strong support for the outer ring.  

One of the more common applications where Pall Ring tower packing is commonly used is in air scrubbers.  An air scrubber is basically a filtration system which removes particles, gases and chemicals from the air within the system or unit. These systems draw air in and pass it through a series of stages within the unit. The unit may be a vertical or horizontal column and include various stages in addition to the plastic random packing such as liquid distributors, random packing support grids, random packing hold down grids, gas feed pipes and mist eliminators. The Pall Ring helps to maximize vapor and liquid contact in an air scrubber, maximizing the system’s overall efficiency. The pall ring helps to spread the surface area uniformly which helps to improve gas liquid contact.  The Pall Ring has superior spread of surface area compared to many other types and styles of plastic random packing. 

Pall Ring tower packing is also commonly utilized in biological applications such as trickling filters.  Trickling filters are basically a water treatment system that utilizes microorganisms attached to plastic random packing or some other media to remove organic matter from wastewater that passes through it. The Pall Ring style packing provides an excellent combination of surface area for the microorganisms to attach to and open area which allows the flow of oxygen and liquid required to keep the microorganisms alive and healthy.  

Air Stripping is another application where Pall Ring tower packing is often used due to its design and durability.  In air stripping is the process of using air to remove contaminates from groundwater.  Contaminated water is pumped through the top of a column and sprayed over plastic random packing such as the pall ring.  The water trickles down through the open are of the packing while are is blown into the bottom of the column. The plastic tower packing provides an area for the air and wastewater to mix thus facilitating the rate of evaporation.  Air is collected at the top of the column where it can be tested and treated. Other common application for the Pall Ring may include absorption, distillation, extraction, humidification, dehumidification and de-aerating.    

KemFlo manufactured the Pall Ring in 1”, 2” and 3.5” sizes and is available in a variety of resins including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, CPVC, PVDF and more.  In addition to Pall Ring tower packing Kemflo also manufactures a Plastic Ring random packing and a Tri-Pack plastic random plastic packing.  For more information on Kempac’s plastic random packing products please visit our website at