One of the most important air scrubbing internal components is the random packing support. The design, configuration and positioning of the packing support is critical in ensuring optimal system performance. The specifics of a particular system, the design criteria as well as the cost will determine the packing support’s style, size, thickness and material of construction. The design criteria will help determine if a standard packing support is sufficient or will a gas injection packing support be required. The open area of a packing support must be designed such that the specified plastic random packing cannot fall through its openings. Whether the Tripack or Pall Ring packing is required for a specific system, the design of the packing support must consider the exact dimensions of the plastic tower packing. For example, if you are designing to support the 2” Pall Ring packing you can contact KemFlo for exact part dimensions. The operating temperature as well as the chemical or contaminate composition will determine the material of construction as it does for all air scrubbing internals. Materials of construction may include common metals, exotic metals, fiberglass, thermoplastics or even ceramics. In many cases the material of construction for the packing support will be the same as the tower packing.

The styles of packing supports include the standard grid style packing support and the gas injection packing support. The standard style packing support grid uses a grid or grate style design. This is considered a basic or simple design where standard grating is commonly utilized. It is critical that the support is designed so that the random packing does not fall through the openings of the support. This type of support is typically used in applications with low gas flow. The grate style packing support is supported on a support ledge and requires additional structural support as the overall size increases. The open area of a grate style packing support will range between 50 to 70% depending on the material and random tower packing required. The alternate style of random packing support is the gas injection support plate. The gas injection packing support plate is considered a high performance air scrubbing internal. The primary function of the gas injection support plate is the support the random packing and aid in liquid distribution. It is specifically designed to support the random tower packing with our impeding the gas flowing through the tower. The gas injection support plate accomplishes this by providing separate openings for the gas and the liquid. A slotted beam allows for gas flow at a higher level of the packed bed while the liquid flows towards the base of the support. The gas injection support plate typically offers an open area equal to 95% to 110% of the cross sectional of the tower. Like the standard grid packing support, the gas injection support plate requires a support ledge and requires additional structural support as the diameter of the tower increases. The gas injection support plate is a stronger design and will likely require less structural supports.

When designing a packing support feel free to contact KemFlo for specific information regarding our plastic random packing product line. KemFlo manufactures the Tripack, Pall Ring packing and saddle style packing in a variety of materials and sizes. Please visit for more information.