KemFlo specializes in the manufacturing of plastic random packing which is utilized in air scrubbing, air stripping and other mass transfer applications. KemFlo is unique in that they have the ability to manufacture their plastic random packing in a variety of resins. While Polypropylene is the most common resin used in manufacturing plastic random packing, KemFlo also manufactures plastic random packing in specialty resins such as CPVC, PVDF, Polypropylene with glass, PFA and more. Please visit our website or call us for a complete list of available resins. Kemflo offers three different styles of scrubber packing, the Tri-Pack style, Pall Ring and Saddle. The Tri-Pack is available in 1”, 2” and 3.5”. The Pall Ring is available in 1”, 2” and 3.5”. The Saddle is available in 1”, 2” and 3”. While the packing type and size is one of the most important elements in the design of a scrubber there are other important components to consider such as packing supports, bed limiters, mist eliminators, liquid distributors and feed pipes.

Feed pipes are the initial stage of the distribution system and is vital to the performance of other components in a scrubber. The feed pipe typically consists of a header and may also include branches depending on the design. The header may be manufactured in plastic, metal or fiberglass. Another important component is the liquid distributor which ensures even distribution of a liquid over the packed bed of a scrubber column. Proper installation of the liquid distributor is critical to the performance of a system Ensuring that the liquid distributor is level during installation is very important in order to ensure proper distribution of liquid over the packed bed. The packing in a scrubber sits directly on the packing support and is held in place with a bed limiter which is installed directly above the packed bed. For example, KemFlo’s Tri-Pack packing would be sandwiched between a packing support and bed limiter ensuring proper positing of the packing and preventing the Tri-Pack from falling into the bottom of the system and creating pump issues or being blown into the upper levels of the scrubber and interfering with the performance of other components. Lastly the mist eliminator is used to remove mist from a gas stream. A mist eliminator typically consists of layers or coils of knitted wire mesh held together by support grids on the top and bottom. The wire mesh and support grids are typically available in metal alloys and plastics.

While the plastic random packing is only one of the critical components of a scrubber, KemFlo ensures that their plastic random packing is manufactured with the highest quality materials utilizing the latest technology. Whether a customer selects the Tri-Pack, Pall Ring or plastic Saddles are they getting the highest quality packing on the market. All of KemFlo’s resins can be traced back to the supplier’s specific resin batch ensuring a high level of quality control. For more information on KemFlo’s Tri-Pack, Pall Ring or Plastic Saddle please visit our website at or give us a call.