For over 30 years, KemFlo has been manufacturing high quality injection molded products for the industrial, agricultural, environmental, construction and medical industries. Kemflo offers product design and engineering, prototyping, mold design, mold making and has complete assembly capabilities. All products are subject to Kemflo’s quality assurance process where all parts are evaluated for fit and function, engineering requirements and product validation.

One of Kemflo’s most successful product lines is their plastic random media which is known as Kempac. Kemflo manufacturers this product for a variety of applications such as air scrubbing, air stripping, distillation, biofiltration, absorption, extraction, dehumidification and degasification. This product helps to provide an important stage in a column where gas liquid contact can occur. The performance of plastic random media is dependent on maintaining good liquid and gas distribution throughout the system. This is accomplished through high performance product design which includes a unique network of ribs, drip points and struts which ensures maximum liquid gas contact. The overall design of the column is very important in achieving maximum efficiency. Design considerations include the selection of the type and size of the media, column height, column diameter and internals such as packing supports, bed limiters, mist eliminators, liquid distributors and redistributors. Some things to consider in selecting the most efficient plastic random media for your application include geometric surface area, pressure drop, uniform liquid distribution, uniform gas distribution, operating temperatures and gas / liquid contaminants.

In order to meet their customer’s most demanding requirements Kemflo manufactures Kempac in a spherical or Tripack style, saddle style and ring style plastic random media in three different sizes and multiple resins. Some of the resins available include Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene glass filled, Polyvinylchloride, CPVC, Kynar, Teflon and Halar. All resins that Kemflo uses in their manufacturing process are traceable back to the resin supplier as part of their quality assurance program. NSF certified Polypropylene product is also available which meets NSF standard 61 for water treatment plant applications. Other specialty resins are available upon request.

The benefits of utilizing KemFlo’s plastic random media include high active service areas, low pressure drops, high operating capacities, excellent gas and liquid dispersion characteristics, resist nesting and high mass and heat transfer rates. KemFlo customers receive a high performance product at a economical price. Kempac is available in 5 and 10 cubic foot boxes and ships from either our facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario or our warehouse in Houston, Texas.

KemFlo’s primary goal is to provide cost effective product solutions with the highest level of quality for our customers. This is accomplished by using innovative methods supported by a long history of experience and by utilizing the latest technological advancements and sound engineering solutions. For more information on products manufactured by KemFlo please visit our website at or