KemFlo is known for manufacturing plastic tower packing in multiple configurations and in a variety of resins. In addition to manufacturing the highest quality plastic random packing on the market under the Kempac brand name, KemFlo also has the capabilities to manufacture custom plastic random packing to your specific specification. Kemflo can take your product from design to production. The process includes product design / engineering, prototyping, mold design, mold making, production and quality assurance.

Product Design:

Kemflo offers complete design and engineering services. Our engineering staff will work closely with you to ensure that your plastic random packing is designed in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. KemFlo works with the latest in computer aided design software. KemFlo’s engineering department utilizes both 2D platform as well as the most advanced 3D software such as SolidWorks, Siemens PLD and Pro Engineer. KemFlo’s 31 years of experience in engineering combined with the latest software technology allows us to provide our customers with the best in engineering solutions.


Kemflo’s 3D printer allows us to build models of your plastic random packing using Soluble Supported Technology. Our engineers can use this tool to evaluate design concepts and test model for from, fit and functionality. Kemflo has the ability to produce quick models which can be used to change, adjust and improve the product. We also offer SLA and SLS prototyping as an alterative to 3D printing. KemFlo offers cost effective machined prototypes as well as low volume production parts for testing before making an investment in tooling.

Mold Design and Mold making:

KemFlo has extensive mold design and mold making experience. This allow us to provide our customers with quality cost effective tooling solutions. Our experience ranges from single cavity low volume production molds to high efficiency multicavity hot runner molds. The knowledge of mold design, resin selection and the experience in product engineering is key to the success of a project. Our tool department can repair, refurbish and modify molds in-house to reduce production down time to a minimum. Adhering to production schedules is an essential part of our customer satisfaction policy.


Our process knowledge covers a wide range of thermoplastics which is essential in the production of plastic tower packing. We specialize in producing rigid and flexible parts in variety of resins including but not limited to Polypropylene, Polyethylene, CPVC, PVDF (Kynar), Teflon, Tefzel and more. Our production facility features over 20 injection molding machines ranging from 90 to 850 tons.

Quality Assurance:

Kemflo’s quality assurance process starts when a product is first introduced. A review process is conducted whereby the plastic random packing is evaluated for fit, form and function. We have complete testing facilities for product validation and will meet any requirements necessary to meet our customer’s expectations.